Department Mission

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Institutional Effectiveness, Institutional Research, and Strategic Planning reside within the Office of Strategy & Engagement.  The Mission of the Office of Strategy & Engagement is to:

  • Discover & Communicate Meaningful Institutional Information
  • Provide Support & Leadership for Evidence-Based Decision-Making & Strategic Initiatives
  • Advocate & Facilitate Data-Driven Assessment & Continuous Improvement
  • Promote Institutional Recognition & Build Strategic Relationships
  • Demonstrate Mission Fulfillment through the Fusion of Data & Story

University Comprehensive Strategic Planning

RMUoHP’s Comprehensive Strategic Plan and planning processes are approached systematically and include participation across all University constituencies. The University’s Board of Trustees approved the 2019-2023 Comprehensive Strategic Plan in September 2018.  This new plan includes six goals:

University Core Themes

In conjunction with the University’s Mission, Vision, Core Values, and Comprehensive Strategic Plan, the University developed Core Themes. The Core Themes are measurable manifestations of the University’s mission. Each Theme, below, includes a series of objectives, outcomes, indicators, and target levels for which the University measures mission fulfillment across the institution.

  1. Developing Evidence-Based Practitioners – RMUoHP develops evidence-based practitioners by educating current and future healthcare professionals to synthesize evidence-based principles into practice.
  2. Elevating Clinical Inquiry Proficiency – RMUoHP elevates clinical inquiry proficiency through learning experiences that challenge practice standards, expand evidence-based practice, increase clinical research, develop healthcare change agents, and encourage experiential learning.
  3. Ensuring Educational Quality – RMUoHP ensures educational quality through student-centered academic programs, services, and continuous improvement.
  4. Nurturing Student Success – RMUoHP nurtures student success by engaging students in professional and personal growth opportunities.

Institutional Reports

Graduation & Retention Rates by Program (As of Winter 2020)

Shared Governance Model

Institutional Survey Calendar

The following months provide a general timeline during which institutional surveys are administered. By providing these timelines, the University seeks to avoid over-surveying of populations and promote the systematic improvement cycle. The anticipated schedule for institutional surveys is provided below. On-demand surveys also occur as needs arise to collect feedback from RMUoHP constituents.

  • February – Student Satisfaction Survey
  • March – Exit Interview Survey
  • April – Instructor & Course Evaluation Survey
  • June – Faculty & Employee Engagement Survey
  • July – Exit Interview Survey
  • August – Instructor & Course Evaluation Survey; Board of Trustees Evaluation Survey
  • October – Alumni Survey
  • November – Exit Interview Survey
  • December – Instructor & Course Evaluation Survey