As the COVID-19 pandemic global fallout continues, we see destruction of quality of life measures including access to and quality of healthcare, the economy, personal safety, education, social relationships, and governance.

Multiple Sclerosis TelehealthThere is, however, a silver lining. The pandemic demands that healthcare providers rethink how they deliver care to reduce risk of infection. For physical therapy, digital communication initiatives such as telehealth have gained traction as providers can service patients through telecommunication technologies. In fact, more and more commercial insurance companies are electing to reimburse for telehealth PTA and PT visits. Additionally, Utah’s state practice act does allow these modalities in the physical therapy scope of practice.

The Community Rehabilitation Clinic of Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions is offering a telehealth initiative for patients with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) who are underserved by the larger healthcare system. Our MS Wellness Program is a unique opportunity for people with MS to meet biweekly via telehealth and perform an individualized exercise program along with like-minded individuals.


This is an excerpt from an article written by Charlotte Rutherfurd, DPT, on April 14, 2020. Charlotte Rutherfurd is a graduate of the Doctor of Physical Therapy program at Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions. She currently works as a physical therapist at the Community Rehabilitation Clinic.