Mascot name revealedIn December, Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions (RMUoHP) unveiled its official mascot, the Peregrine Falcon, in coordination with the new “Lifestyle” logo. After a lengthy submission, review, and unveiling process, the University announced the long-anticipated mascot at a gathering of students and staff that was also live-streamed to those off-site.

RMUoHP, which will be celebrating its 22-year anniversary this June, had yet to declare an official mascot since the university’s inception. As part of the 2019 Founders Day celebrations, the university surveyed students, alumni, and employees for mascot suggestions and rankings of top selections. The Peregrine Falcon was one of the top-voted mascots and, after approval from university administration, was officially selected as the mascot. In January, after a name voting process, the RMUoHP falcon was officially named Felix.

DPT student Thomas Hollowell said, “The mascot is a nice, accurate representation of our school and its ethos. We who decide to enter the health professions must be willing to go to great heights to reach our goal to serve others. We must do so while keeping our eyes honed on the bigger picture from above, yet focused enough to put everything we’ve got into our classes and hands-on learning experiences.”

Since the debut of the mascot in December, new apparel has been added to the University Store featuring the “Lifestyle” logo. The primary RMUoHP logo will still be used as the official university logo and the “Lifestyle” logo will be utilized for special projects, such as apparel and merchandise in the official University Store.

Regarding the new “Lifestyle” logo and apparel, MS SLP student Emma Ricks said, “I love the casual apparel with our new logo. It allows for RMUoHP students to be easily recognized by fellow students and graduates as well as raise questions by those unfamiliar with our school. It’s a great way to represent our school as well as advertise the amazing programs that our university has to offer.”

Director of Institutional Marketing and Communications, Tyler Anderson, MAPC, MPA, said, “The mascot and sports logo provide the university a look that will go beyond the walls of the university. Our students, graduates, and employees are scattered throughout the US and we want them to be excited to rep RMUoHP, whether in the clinic or in the gym.”

The new apparel and all RMUoHP merchandise can be purchased online through the university store website, and the mascot will make appearances at various university functions, such as commencement and Founder’s Day. As DPT student Ally Vanek said, “I think the new mascot will allow students to continue to soar to new heights with their education.”