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RMUoHP Launches Employee Wellness Initiatives

Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions (RMUoHP) is working to improve overall health and wellness across the state and nation through its healthcare degree programs and the University doubled-down on its commitment by launching the employee Wellness Initiatives 2020.  The four initiatives for 2020 are: Eat Your Rainbow and Whole Foods Challenge, an initiative focused [...]

RMUoHP Updates Core Values to Reflect Priority: People

The eight Core Values through which Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions has historically functioned were recently updated to increase alignment with the University’s people-centric culture. Core Values support the University’s Mission, Vision, Core Themes, and Comprehensive Strategic Plan by reflecting the ethos and beliefs of the institution in terms of how the University [...]

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The Real Value of Course Correction (Use It Early & Often)

Agility is the hallmark of every scrappy and successful leader. Identifying the weaknesses and opportunities of products, services and team members with accuracy and introspection enhances your organization’s capacity to achieve its goals. Translating that information into action, however, is where many entrepreneurs fall short. Through my mentorship with entrepreneurs, I’ve often found them clinging [...]

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Serving Throughout the Holiday Season and All Year Around

Service has always been a large part of what makes up Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions (RMUoHP). One of RMUoHP’s core values is service, “The University promotes service to the community, healthcare, and education.” While the University strives to always have a culture and spirit of service year round, such as through our two [...]

A Season to Be Grateful

The holiday season is a time where many of us reflect on the things that we are grateful for. During a time where we see so many sorrows and hardships throughout the world, we wanted to take the time to reach out to a few of our faculty and employees and ask them what they [...]

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