Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions is dedicated to providing an environment that cultivates and supports student and faculty research with the following goals:

  • Provide an understanding of the environment within which the health science professionals practice and prepare them to further the scholarship of the discipline.
  • Educate students and encourage faculty to critically evaluate, conduct and disseminate research that will contribute to the science and practice of various health sciences
  • Encourage research that is ethically sound and grounded in evidence based science
  • Develop faculty and student scholarship (teaching, leadership, mentorship, service and research) that adds to and extends the knowledge base in their respective professional/academic areas
  • Master both the breadth of the health sciences discipline as well as the depth of their respective professional areas of scholarship
  • Work collaboratively with professionals, researchers, scholars and partner institutions to foster the most conducive atmosphere for both students and faculty research

*For information on RMUoHP’s Post-Professional program research activities, please contact Dr. Tom Cappaert, Director of Post-Professional Research at [email protected].

Dissertation Information

The Research process materials have been moved to Canvas under the course, IRB101 Research and IRB Documents. Students are enrolled in the course at the appropriate point in their coursework. Faculty chairs are enrolled when approved.

Presentation Templates

Presentation templates are available for student, faculty, and alumni use at professional or scientific meetings. Each template has modifiable headings and content, but provides general guidelines for traditional poster presentations. Presentations related to all research, capstone, or coursework activities completed at RMUoHP should include the RMUoHP logo. Students MUST seek faculty or administrative approval (as appropriate) prior to using a poster template. This should will allow the student to both learn from the faculty mentor and display the best quality poster presentation. Additionally, a PowerPoint template is available for general use.

Questions related to original research and presentation should be directed to the appropriate faculty, Graduate Program Director, or Director of Research.

Publications & Dissertations

To view the publications & dissertations by category, click on the links below to open the pdf files.