Post-Professional Doctor of Occupational Therapy (limited-residency)

Master of Science in Health Science (online)

What does “Limited-Residency” mean?

Limited-residency offers learners the combined benefits of both online and residential learning. In this model, the majority of instruction and coursework are conducted online, with the addition of a few onsite visits throughout the program where students come to campus to meet faculty and classmates, be advised by program mentors, and learn in a residential classroom setting.

Because these students complete most of the coursework online and come to campus for only a select few days, they can spend more time in their practice helping patients or in the field while applying the new methodologies they learn.

What does “Residential” mean?

Residential offers didactic instruction and lab coursework on campus under the guidance of trained professionals. Students may have clinical education requirements (internships, etc.) anywhere throughout the United States.

Residential programs are typically more fast-paced and focused so students can receive the necessary hands-on training and experience they need to graduate and start working as a healthcare provider.

Education Model

RMUoHP considers the best educational model for a changing healthcare environment to be an integration of scholarship, practical experience, and evidence-based decision-making. To achieve the desired outcomes, the integration of these elements begins early in the student’s education and continues throughout his or her graduate program. The use of library and information resources is emphasized in all programs, and relies upon several educational strategies that vary based upon the nature of the academic program. These specific strategies complement the general goals of each degree program, as listed in the program curricula. The integration of academic work, clinical experience, and research begins early in the student’s education and continues throughout his or her graduate program.

Academic Mission

Let Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions (RMUoHP) increase your contribution to healthcare through a dynamic, evidence-based graduate education founded upon a student-centered approach. Learn how to incorporate evidence-informed and research-based principles from an academic and clinical perspective, into advances in day-to-day practice.

The mission of Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions is to educate current and future healthcare professionals for outcomes-oriented, evidence-based practice. The University demonstrates mission fulfillment through the quality of its education and success of its students in academic programs that develop leaders skilled in clinical inquiry and prepared to effect healthcare change.