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Doctor of Medical Science · DMSc

Online | 4 Tracks | 16-20 Months
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Concentration Tracks

Pursue new career horizons with our advanced doctoral education program

With our 4 unique concentration tracks and completely online model, you’ll be able to take advantage of developing opportunities within the physician assistant profession to build the career you envision.

Program Highlights

Designed for PAs

Our DMSc program is designed by PAs for practicing PAs. Enhance your knowledge and education by having a doctoral degree that is strictly for PAs. Those with a bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral degree and license/certification as a PA are eligible to apply.

Lead, Practice, Educate, and Specialize

Prepare yourself for leadership roles in clinical, administrative, and academic settings. Specialize within your clinical practice. Make an impact on the medical field as you open up doors as a PA.

Practicing Faculty

Most of our faculty are currently practicing physician assistants. We believe in having faculty that continue working in their clinic to stay up to date on skills and best practices. By continuing to work in the field, our faculty bring current, real experiences and research into the classroom.

2 Completion Models with 3 Start Dates

Choose from two different models. The Phased Model can be completed over 20 months with 5 semesters. The Integrated Model can be done in as little as 16 months over 4 semesters. Both models allows you to continue working while completing this degree. We offer start dates in Winter, Summer, and Fall semesterーallowing you to choose the timing that fits best for your schedule.


Become an evidence-based clinician. Our program is built on the basis of evidence. Learn how to continually interpret, apply, and research evidence. Become the best clinician possible, so that your patients receive the care they need.