The OTD Service to the Profession Gift is available to all OTD Students as they enroll in an OTD program/track. The $5,000 gift is available to students who currently serve or have recently served, within the last five years, in one of the following capacities:

  • Member of a state occupational therapy association board
  • Member of a state licensure board
  • Member of the American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA) board
  • Chairperson for a state or national committee 


The Application:

Eligible students will be required to upload verification of their service in the admissions application process.

Dates and deadlines:

To be eligible for this scholarship the application for admissions must be completed, including all supporting documentation, on or before the “Final Application Deadline” as defined on the OTD Program page.

The Award

The gift, will be given to the first five qualified students enrolled in an OTD Program/track starting in May 2017. The gift will be distributed in equal instalments of $1,250 in each semester of attendance.

This gift cannot be combined with RMUoHP Grants, but can be combined with RMUoHP Scholarships.