Rocky Mountain University recognizes that the COVID-19 pandemic may increase concerns about domestic, spousal, and dating abuse during a time when one may not have a supportive or caring space in which to live. Nationwide, reports of increases in partner and domestic violence have made the rounds in our professions and in the media.  If you or someone you know is in such a situation or if you have concerns, I urge you to reach out to the RMU Office of Institutional Equity; we offer confidentiality within the scope of the law and RMU policy, and may have solutions or access to care.  For those who wish additional online resources around domestic and sexual violence, I encourage you to visit the following vetted national resources:

The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence

RAINN, the nation’s largest anti-sexual violence organization

Live Your Dream

US Dept of Health and Human Services,, with a state by state resource list

Discrimination, harassment, and sexual misconduct is unwelcome at RMU, and should be reported to the appropriate parties so that it can be investigated, remedied, and addressed to both stop the offense and limit or eliminate further harm to RMU students, staff, and visitors.

RMU has created extensive policies and procedures, in compliance with federal regulations, that address harassment, discrimination, and misconduct. These include:

  • gender- and sex-based harassment or discrimination (Title IX);
  • disability related discrimination (ADA); and
  • any harassment or discrimination by protected class.

For more information, please see the 2019 Nondiscrimination, Nonharassment, Conduct, and Equity Resolution Process Handbook.

Internal inquiries about and reports of harassment, misconduct, or discrimination may be made to any of the resources below:

Ray Rodriguez
Institutional Equity Officer
Room 195, Building 3, RMUoHP main campus
Main:  385-375-8798
Discrimination Hotline: 385.375.8344 / [email protected]

External inquiries may be made to:

Office for Civil Rights (OCR)
U.S. Department of Education
400 Maryland Avenue, SW
Washington, DC 20202-1100
Customer Service Hotline #: 800.421.3481
Facsimile: 202.453.6012
TDD#: .877.521.2172
Email: [email protected]

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC)

Reports of discrimination, harassment and/or retaliation may be made using any of the following options.  There is no time limitation on the filing of allegations. However, if the responding party is no longer subject to RMUoHP jurisdiction, the ability to investigate, respond and provide remedies may be more limited:

  1. Report directly to the Institutional Equity Officer (listed above) by face to face meeting, email or phone.
  2. Report online here, using the form below.
  3. Report using the RMUoHP Discrimination Hotline, at 385-375-8344.

All reports are acted upon promptly while every effort is made by RMUoHP to preserve the privacy of reports. Such reports may also be anonymous. Anonymous reports will be investigated to determine if remedies can be provided. Additionally, all employees are designated as mandated reporters and will share a report with the Institutional Equity Officer promptly. Confidentiality and mandated reporting is addressed more specifically below. Reports of misconduct or discrimination committed by the Institutional Equity Officer should be reported to the RMUoHP President.

When brought to the attention of RMUoHP, any such discrimination will be appropriately addressed and remedied.  Non-members of the campus community who engage in discriminatory actions within RMUoHP programs or on University property are not under the jurisdiction of this policy, but can be subject to actions that limit their access and/or involvement with RMUoHP programs as the result of their misconduct. All vendors serving the University through third-party contracts are subject by those contracts to the policies and procedures or their employers.

These policies apply to behaviors that take place on the campus, at RMUoHP- sponsored events, and may also apply off-campus and to actions online when the Institutional Equity Officer determines that the off-campus conduct affects a substantial RMUoHP interest. A substantial University interest is defined to include:

  1. Any action that constitutes a criminal offense as defined by law. This includes, but is not limited to, single or repeat violations of any local, state or federal law;
  2. Any situation where it appears that the responding party may present a danger or threat to the health or safety of self or others;
  3. Any situation that significantly impinges upon the rights, property or achievements of self or others or significantly breaches the peace and/or causes social disorder; and/or
  4. Any situation that is detrimental to the educational interests of RMUoHP.

For further information on discrimination, harassment, or related civil rights issues, please see here.

To report an incident of harassment or misconduct to the Institutional Equity Officer online, use the form below: