Dr. Kim Isaac Appointed as New MSHS Program Director

by | Nov 16, 2022 | Blog, News

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Kim Isaac, PhD AT

The College of Health Sciences and Lifelong Learning at Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions (RMU) welcomes Kim Isaac, PhD, AT, as the new program director of the Master of Science in Health Science (MSHS) program. Isaac also serves as track director for both the Sports Performance and Rehabilitation Science tracks within the MSHS program. 

Isaac received her undergraduate degree from Wilmington College in athletic training and sports wellness management in 2005 and her master’s degree in kinesiology and athletic training from Indiana University in 2007. Her love of sports has led her to work as an athletic trainer for over 17 years. 

“I’ve always been around sports,” Isaac said. “I still wanted to be around it, so that’s why I went into athletic training initially. Once you get into athletic training, there are so many different avenues you want to help your athletes with, including wellness, performance, overall health, and nutrition. I’m always looking to learn more.”

After working in the athletic training profession for over a decade, Isaac decided to return to school and work toward her doctorate. “I knew I wanted to teach,” she said. “That’s why I started my PhD.” Isaac graduated from RMU’s Doctor of Philosophy in Health Science program in 2018 with a concentration in athletic training. 

Her experiences and the connections she made as a student at RMU impacted her post-graduate career, eventually bringing her back to RMU as an adjunct professor in 2020. “I’ve always wanted to be at Rocky Mountain University, honestly,” Isaac said. “The program directors, the faculty, and the leadership at Rocky Mountain are amazing; they’re so supportive and knowledgeable. They really inspired me.”

Now as program director, Isaac aspires to grow the MSHS program and spread the word about RMU to help other healthcare providers have success in their careers. “Not enough people know about Rocky Mountain,” Isaac said. “I want to help in that effort.”

Isaac looks forward to helping students have meaningful educational experiences. “It’s awesome that I can finally mentor other students the way I was mentored at RMU,” Isaac said. “I want to help the next generation of professionals to feel how I felt.” 

One of her main goals is to grow the MSHS program and spread the word about RMU. “Not enough people know about Rocky Mountain,” Isaac said. “I want to help in that effort.”

Isaac champions the work-life balance offered at RMU and hopes to create a safe space for students in her program looking for that balance while going to school. “I want to help more people understand that you can do this while you’re working and while you have a life,” Isaac said. “You can still have fun; this isn’t a grueling program that requires you to check out of your life for the next few years. I want my students to have that work-life balance, comfort, and family feeling.”

When not teaching courses and leading the MSHS program at RMU, Isaac works as an athletic trainer and soft tissue and mobility specialist at Forest Park Chiropractic and Acupuncture in Cincinnati, Ohio.

For more information on RMU’s MSHS program, visit the program website.