Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions Foundation

by | Mar 15, 2018 | News

The Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions Foundation (RMU Foundation) was established in February 2009 and has been operating for the past nine years. Currently, Vic Morris is the Director of the RMU Foundation and has been in this role for the past six years. Morris likes “the friendliness and dedication of the employees all working toward a common vision of changing healthcare delivery for the better. The culture at RMU is congenial and collaborative with everyone committed to the goals and values of the University.” Morris comes to the RMU Foundation with previous foundation experience as the Founder and Executive Director of the East Bay Golf Foundation – Chapter of The First Tee in Concord, California, and prior to that as the Director of Diablo Valley College Foundation in Pleasant Hill, California.

“The inspiration for the RMU Foundation was to seek community support and external funding for University projects and programs in addition to providing student scholarships and funding for research. The Foundation’s Board of Directors are dedicated to serving the needs of RMU and raising awareness of the scope and mission of the University.”

The mission of the RMU Foundation is to advance the quality and accessibility of healthcare. The Foundation fulfills its mission by “Serving our community through the Community Rehabilitation Clinic and other strategic initiatives, fostering learning and sponsoring research for students and faculty in healthcare fields, and collaborating with organizations that have shared missions and objectives.” The vision of the Foundation is to improve the quality of life for patients in the community and around the world.

The RMU Foundation is involved in a variety of different projects. The Foundation has a large role serving the community through RMU’s free healthcare clinics, specifically specializing in physical therapy and speech-language pathology for underserved and non-insured citizens. The Foundation is also supportive of student success by assisting them with scholarships and research funding. In addition, the Foundation seeks to assist faculty and departments with program and research grants.

When asked about the importance of service at RMU, as well as the Foundation, Morris states, “It is one of the core values of RMU and is evident in the support and dedication of the University to the Community Rehabilitation Clinic, started through the RMU Foundation, and which has been successfully treating the underserved in our community for the past two years. In addition, the University also participates in Day of Caring, encouraging employees to be involved in charity and community projects every year.”

The RMU Foundation has big hopes for what the community and University gain from having its own Foundation. Morris says, “The RMU Foundation Board of Directors 2017-2019 Strategic Plan represents an altruistic approach to meaningful community contributions, effective operations, and mission fulfillment. The plan includes four goals, each of which consists of related initiatives, tasks, and performance measures. The first goal is to serve our community through free healthcare clinics and other strategic initiatives. The second goal is to foster learning and sponsor research for students and faculty. The third goal is to collaborate with other organizations that have shared missions and objectives. Lastly, the fourth goal is to increase effectiveness by enhancing internal operations.”

There are so many ways in which the RMU Foundation hopes to grow and improve. Morris sums up the Foundation’s vision by stating, “Through mission fulfillment and community outreach by expanding the service commitment of RMU with additional free healthcare clinics.  Also by expanding the Foundation Board to include a diversity of individuals of influence and/or affluence that are dedicated to healthcare change.”

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