RMUoHP Organizes Colleges and Places Deans to Accommodate Growth

by | Mar 18, 2021 | home feature, News

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Headshots of New Named College Deans at RMUoHPProviding the leadership needed to manage the growth it is experiencing, Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions (RMUoHP) created a new organizational structure based on grouping academic programs into colleges consistent with academic areas directed by specific college deans.

RMUoHP filled three of the five new college dean positions last year, leaving open dean positions for two colleges. Interim deans have been appointed to oversee the two colleges while the university searches for permanent deans or later appoints the interim deans to permanent positions.

“We believe this new structure will better align our academic programs with deans as academic leaders of those colleges,” said Mark Horacek, PT, PhD, MS, RMUoHP Executive Vice President of Academic Affairs and Provost. “This new structure accommodates our extreme growth over the past few years as we have added new programs, and now colleges, to the university. Ultimately, this will provide expanded academic leadership and a better learning experience for our students.”

In October, RMUoHP announced the intent to develop a new College of Optometry on the RMuoHP campus.

RMUoHP now includes the following colleges and deans. Each college operates its respective academic programs: 

  • College of Health Sciences and Lifelong Learning, Dr. Malissa Martin, Dean and Vice Provost of Academic Affairs.
  • College of Rehabilitation Sciences, Dr. Jeff Lau, Dean.
  • College of Medical and Professional Sciences, Dr. Michael Nelson, Interim Dean.
  • College of Nursing, Dr. Kelly Conway, Interim Dean.
  • College of Optometry, Dr. Adam Hickenbotham, Dean; Dr. Sandy Pennington, Associate Dean of Academic Affairs.

“We are excited to work with each of the Deans over the next year to implement the college model at RMUoHP,” said Horacek. “It will take at least a year to build a fully functional system because the colleges will influence and collaborate with all parts of the university.”

Each of the college deans will report organizationally to the Office of the Provost.