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Student & Alumni Affairs promotes overall student and alumni development and success, fosters an equitable university environment to support inclusion and respect, and promotes university engagement.

The University is home to a wide variety of exceptional students. We want to make your educational experience with us a highly successful time – whether you’re a permanent resident, a three-year visitor, or a week-long guest! To learn more about the Provo Area, visit our Provo Information & Area Resources link.  Student success tips and resources may be found at the University’s Library and Resource Center website.

There are a variety of student services available to you both here in town and virtually. Check out the information below to see the services that are available to you in more detail.

If you need counseling services, please contact us by phone (385-375-8723), email, or schedule an appointment online.


Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions complies with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990.

ADA Academic Accommodations:

RMUoHP adheres to all of the applicable federal civil rights laws and laws of the state of Utah regarding unlawful discrimination.  Accordingly, RMUoHP makes all academic programs and services accessible to and useable by “qualified individuals with disabilities” in the most integrated setting appropriate, unless doing so would:

  • Result in a fundamental alteration in the course or program that compromises the integrity of the course or program, or
  • Cause undue financial or administrative burdens.

As defined by the University, a “qualified individual with disability” is one who:

  1. Has a disability that substantially limits learning, including, but not limited to, physical and affective conditions as interpreted by current law; and
  2. Has a documented record of such disability; or is perceived by others as having a disability.

It is the responsibility of the student who meets the definition of a “qualified individual with a disability” to request an appropriate accommodation through the Committee on Inclusiveness via the Office of Student Services, if they believe their disability will interfere with their ability to successfully complete an academic program at RMUoHP.

If a student meeting the definition of a “qualified individual with a disability” believes their disability will interfere with the ability to successfully complete an academic program at RMUoHP, a reasonable accommodation may be requested.

To request Academic Accommodations, please complete this form and submit to Ray Rodriguez, Institutional Equity Officer, at [email protected].  For further assistance, please call the Office of Institutional Equity at 385-375-8798, or stop by the Office located in room 195, Building 3, of the RMUoHP main campus.

Students at RMUoHP are assigned RMUoHP email addresses; usernames and passwords are provided at the start of the degree program as part of new student orientation. Students are expected to change their password immediately upon logging into the student email portal. Students must keep email passwords secure; student email addresses may not be shared with any other individuals. The University expects students to check their RMUoHP email accounts frequently.

For more information on RMUoHP Student Email policy please click here

For issues with your RMUoHP Student Email Account or to reset your password please email studentservice[email protected]

Click here to log into the student email portal

Graduate Student Resources

Provides general information on graduate student “survival”: finding a balance with life, managing stress, academic pressures, financial pressures, health & wellness, career preparation, time management, writing the Dissertation, finding community, current research on graduate students and developing a worldview

The Graduate Student Survival Guide

Writing resources:


Other Valuable Graduate Student Resources

Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions affirms its commitment to promote the goals of fairness and equity in all aspects of the educational enterprise. Discrimination, harassment, and sexual misconduct is unwelcome at RMU, and should be reported to the appropriate parties so that it can be investigated, remedied, and addressed to both stop the offense and limit or eliminate further harm to RMU students, staff, and visitors.

Inquiries about and reports of harassment, misconduct, or discrimination may be made to the Discrimination Hotline, at 385.375.8344.

More information, including an online reporting form, may be found here: Institutional Equity

RMU 101 is RMUoHP’s orientation course, located in WebStudy, the University’s online LMS platform. The course opens six weeks before the start of the semester, and all new students (except PA) are required to complete RMU 101 prior to beginning coursework. Students are emailed login information just prior to course opening; later-admitted students are sent login info upon acceptance.

Within RMU 101, students review support and tutorial information while completing required activities. This course orients students on the RMUoHP community and how to be a successful distance graduate student.

Jan Reese, Director of Instructional Technology, is the course instructor, and she can be reached at [email protected] or 801.734.6830.

The University Student Council voices student issues and concerns while promoting student goals within the governance process. Through quarterly meetings, the University Student Council facilitates and ensures communication within the RMU community. It is comprised of current student representatives from each RMUoHP degree program. Students from each degree program are represented. To discuss University Student Council meetings, minutes, or simply to contact a member of the University Student Council, email the Council chair directly at [email protected].

If you are interested in volunteering on the University Student Council, please contact your Program Director or Student Services.

University Student Council Directory

Still have questions? Contact Student Services

University alumni and students are a wonderful resource for qualified applicants. You have the necessary insight and first-hand experience to identify individuals who have the ability to be successful in our programs.

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