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About Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions

Advancing Knowledge, Advancing Healthcare


Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions (RMU) is an accredited institution recognized for evidence-based, meaningful healthcare education. Established in 1998 as an exclusive graduate healthcare institution, RMU has a reputation for exceptional, high-quality, and rigorous healthcare education programs. RMU has a diverse student body and alumni from all 50 states and has stellar and nationally respected faculty representing healthcare practice, research, and education throughout the country. Our academic models of delivery allow our limited-residency or online students to continue with their life without relocating and our residency students to begin and end their full-time studies in beautiful Provo, Utah.

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The mission of Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions is to educate current and future healthcare professionals for outcomes-oriented, evidence-based practice. The University demonstrates mission fulfillment through the quality of its education and success of its students in academic programs that develop leaders skilled in clinical inquiry and prepared to effect healthcare change.


The vision of Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions is to advance the quality, delivery, and efficacy of healthcare.

Core Values


We achieve the best possible outcomes by combining the best available evidence with our expertise and input from our University community.


By challenging thinking, encouraging growth, and exploring possibilities within a supportive learning environment, we empower learners to rise to their highest potential.


We recognize our imperfections and welcome growth stemming from both success and failure. We believe in our unlimited capacities to find solutions. We model gratitude. We seek to understand, to empathize, and to forgive.


Because we value people above all else, we serve each other, our patients and clients, our communities, and the world.


We strive for honesty, respect, and accountability in all we do to continuously earn credibility as an institution and as individuals.


By honoring our differences and similarities, we strengthen institutional and community connections.


We learn and create within and across teams to innovate, foster change, implement strategy, ensure accountability, and celebrate achievement.

Mission Fulfillment Goals

Each Mission Fulfillment Goal includes a series of objectives, outcomes, indicators, and target levels for which the University measures mission fulfillment across the institution.


Developing Evidence-Based Practitioners

RMU develops evidence-based practitioners by educating current and future healthcare professionals to synthesize evidence-based principles into practice.

Ensuring Education Quality

RMU ensures educational quality through student-centered academic programs, services, and continuous improvement.

Elevating Clinical Inquiry Proficiency

RMU elevates clinical inquiry proficiency through learning experiences that challenge practice standards, expand evidence-based practice, increase clinical research, develop healthcare change agents, and encourage experiential learning.

Nurturing Student Success

RMU nurtures student success by engaging students in professional and personal growth opportunities.

Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions, Inc., (the “University”) is an institutionally-accredited, post-secondary educational institution headquartered in Provo, Utah. The University is wholly owned by Wasatch Educational, Inc. (“WE”). WE is a holding company focused primarily on educational investments. WE has conceded governance of the University to the University’s Board of Trustees, which is responsible for the University’s proper function and management to achieve its mission.