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Physical Therapy

Explore our degrees and certificates for current and future healthcare providers and professionals.

Doctor of Physical Therapy

Residential | Full-Time | 8 Semesters

Become a physical therapist.

Our Doctor of Physical Therapy program prepares you to enter the healthcare field as a PT with our accelerated curriculum, our focus on clinical practice and skills, and our pro bono clinic.

Dual DPT/PhD option is available.

Transitional Doctor of Physical Therapy in Pediatric Science

Limited-Residency | 1 Year | Post-Professional

Earn the doctorate for practicing pediatric physical therapists.

Transition from your bachelor’s or master’s degree in physical therapy to the doctorate level. Focus on pediatric physical therapy throughout the coursework and capstone projects.

Neonatology Fellowship

Physical Therapy Fellowship | Post-Professional | For PTs

Become an expert in neonatology.

Work with renowned neonatology PT experts as you complete at least 1000 clinical hours at top children’s hospitals (Seattle Children’s Hospital and Cincinnati Children’s Hospital).

Academic Residency

Physical Therapy Residency| Post-Professional | For PTs

Build on foundational knowledge.

Gain real world experience working in a DPT program while taking coursework to develop in teaching, course design, research, and governance in higher education. Frequent mentorship by other faculty and practical application develop your skills as you put them to use while advancing education in physical therapy.

Other Programs of Interest

Doctor of Philosophy in Health Sciences

Limited-Residency | 6 Tracks | 4 Years

Earn your terminal research or academic degree for healthcare clinicians.

Our PhD in Health Sciences program enables healthcare professionals to expand their knowledge in various health science specialties ranging from Health Promotion & Wellness, Orthopedic Sport Sciences, to Human & Sport Performance.

Health Science Certificates

Emergency & Primary Care in Athletic Training Practice Certificate

Get emergency and primary care training as a practicing athletic trainer.

Healthcare Leadership & Administration

Learn skills and behavior strategies to prepare those interested in healthcare leadership.

Healthcare Professions Education

Great resource and option to support continuing faculty training and development.

Health & Wellness Coaching

Prepares you to become a National Board-Certified Health & Wellness Coach.

Human & Sport Performance Certificate

Advance your exercise science knowledge, emphasizing strength and conditioning and sports performance. 

Rehabilitation Science Certificate

Advance your health science knowledge in physical rehabilitation.