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Health & Wellness Coaching Certificate

Become a National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach.
Online | Become National Board Certified | 8-9 Months
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Program Highlights

Become a Health & Wellness Coach

Our certificate program prepares you to to become a National Board-Certified Health & Wellness Coach. Prepare and become eligible to take the national exam.

Learn effective ways to help people discover their true motivations, recognize their resources, and build strengths and confidence. Become proficient utilizing evidence-based coaching techniques such as motivational interviewing, positive psychology, and appreciative and strength-based inquiry. Help give others the ability to move toward a healthier, more fulfilled life. Through this program you will learn to combine your existing expertise with powerful and proven behavior change skills to make a meaningful difference in the lives of others. Learn how coaching works to foster long-term success in clients, patients, or anyone who would benefit from making positive changes in their lives.

Transfer Into Our MSHS or PhD Program

Take the first step toward earning your master’s or doctorate degree. Credits transfer directly from our Health & Wellness Coaching Certificate to either our Master of Science in Health Science or PhD in Health Science programs.


Designed for Working Professionals

Learn while you continue working. Our certificate program is completely online; the structure and pace is designed specifically with busy professionals in mind. Practice what you learn at your own place of employment with feedback and guidance from our student-centered faculty.

Work in a Field with Behavior Change

Are you considering or already in a field that works with behavior change?

Our Health & Wellness Coaching Certificate provides advanced knowledge and professional skill set for individuals who are:

  • Considering a career as a National Board-Certified Health & Wellness Coach
  • Currently working in healthcare, wellness, or fitness and are interested in gaining evidence-based behavior change skills
  • Planning to work in allied health, wellness, or fitness and understand that acquiring skills in sustainable behavior change will be integral to your success


Our curriculum is designed to offer the continuing education you need to become a Health & Wellness Coach. Learn how to create and foster sustainable behavior change to make a difference in people’s lives.

Advanced Wellness Coaching

Practice and develop the required health and wellness coaching competency to teach and practice. Practice coaching sessions and receive feedback from faculty. Expand and synthesize the knowledge and skills you have already developed. Apply coaching skills and gain hands-on experience.

Theories & Application

Explore the theoretical bases and the evidence supporting health and wellness coaching. Examine the concept and structure of coaching approaches to facilitate sustainable behavior change. Delve into the major tenets of coaching strategies and develop one-on-one practical coaching skills.





This course explores health promotion and wellness, social determinants of health, health education, and public health programs. The theoretical basis and the evidence supporting health and wellness coaching will be discussed. Theories of behavior change and wellness coaching will be evaluated. Coaching strategies to be developed include motivational interviewing, appreciative inquiry, and positive psychology. Focus will be placed on developing one-on-one practical coaching skills while emphasizing ethical and legal practice considerations. Several synchronous sessions are required.

Online w/Required Synchronous Sessions
Offered All Semesters

This course provides an opportunity to practice and develop the health/wellness coaching competency required for teaching and practicing coaching. Knowledge and skills developed in prerequisite courses are synthesized and expanded. Emphasis is placed on the application of coaching skills, and practice sessions with feedback are included. Also included is the business of health/wellness coaching including ethics and legalities. A practical skills exam and several synchronous sessions are required. 

Prerequisite: WE 710
Online w/Required Synchronous Sessions
Offered All Semesters

This practicum course allows students to complete required coaching sessions while being mentored by an NBC-HWC certified coach. Emphasis is placed on mentorship oversight and providing valuable, proven tactics for new coaches transitioning to independent health and wellness coaches. Other topics including marketing, business development, social media, test preparation, and other higher-level coaching practice will be explored. This course is optional and not required to be eligible for the NBC-HWC exam.

Offered Summer & Fall

Students may start certificate program in any semester, but may be asked to delay for a semester due to low enrollments in program.

* Course includes prerequisite requirement, see course description for further details.
+Course is optional with additional tuition required.

Semester Dates

Summer 2024



Priority Application Deadline
Final Application Deadline
Semester Start

Fall 2024



Priority Application Deadline


Final Application Deadline
Semester Start

Winter 2025



Priority Application Deadline
Final Application Deadline
Semester Start

Admission Requirements

A minimum of a bachelor’s degree in a health/wellness-related field.

Tuition & Fees

Cost per Credit
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Total Tuition Cost

University Resource Fee

$39 per credit (Up to 15 credits per semester)

Other Program Fees

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NBHWC Approval

Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions has achieved “Approval Status” from the National Board for Health and Wellness Coaching (NBHWC), which means that students who complete the 2-course sequence below, are eligible to sit for the exam to become a National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach.

  1. Successfully complete the courses WE710 and WE711 including all synchronous hours.
  2. Pass the Coaching Practical Examination at the end of WE711
  3. Complete any other requirements set forth by the NBHWC, which currently includes, completion and documentation of 50 coaching sessions after passing the practical exam in WE711,  and paying the application/exam fees.
  4. As NBHWC requirements are subject to change, students should refer to the website, for the most updated information.