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Research Assistantships Available
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Research Grants

Funding is available for graduate students, faculty, and for travel support

Research Assistantships

There is Research Assistantship funding available for masters and doctoral students. Funding is available through RMUoHP and external sources.

Survey Development

RMUoHP utilizes Qualtrics for survey development and analysis. Students and faculty can receive their own account for developing, storing, and evaluating data.

SPIN Funding Database

SPIN is a funding database that provides a broad range of funding opportunities from federal, governmental, international, private, and corporate funders.

Presentations & Printing

Presentation templates are available for use. Posters can be printed free of charge for current RMUoHP faculty, staff, and students.

Dissertation Information

Learn more about the Institutional Review Board (IRB), guidelines for research, and the resources available to students.

Research Publications

RMUoHP students, faculty, and staff are continually engaged in scholastic research. Click below to view current research and our scholarship symposium.

Research Staff

Office of Research and Sponsored Projects Mission

The mission of the Office of Research and Sponsored Projects (ORSP) is to reduce barriers for faculty and students to achieve greater success in research and scholarship. Our office provides support to on-going research groups, consultation for research design and statistical analysis, and many more services. We are continually expanding our university’s research capacity with new hardware and software and engaging in discussions with new partners that will help attract contracts and scholarly support for our faculty and students.

Hina Garg

Hina Garg


Interim Director of the Office of Research & Sponsored Projects


Thomas Cappaert

Thomas Cappaert


Associate Director of the Office of Research & Sponsored Projects


 Alysse Brabson

Alysse Brabson


Assistant/Survey Specialist for the Office of Research & Sponsored Projects

Michael Kantor

Michael Kantor

MS, EP-C, EIM Level II

Residential Research Assistant

Kirsten Thornhill

Kirsten Thornhill


Residential Research Assistant