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Research Grants

Faculty Funding

Internal research grants are available.

Graduate Student Research and Travel Funds

The Graduate Student Research Support Fund provides support for the purchase of supplies (e.g., expendables, surveys, gift cards for subjects).

Application timelines 2024

  • Winter, December 21st-February 2nd

  • Summer, April 29th-May 20th

  • Fall, August 26th-September 27th

If a grant is awarded, the money must be spent and receipts submitted to the OR before December 15th, 2024, regardless of the time the award was received

Research Assistantships

There are two types of Research Assistantship funding available to masters and doctoral students, internal funding through RMU and external contract funding. External requires specific contract-based research, which may be applied toward partial or complete fulfillment of thesis or dissertation requirements depending on the nature of the project. Internal funding and tuition waivers are dependent upon graduate status (i.e., master or doctoral level).

Residential Research Assistantship Information & Forms

Residential Research Assistantship Guidelines

Residential Research Assistantship Application Form

Office of Research and Sponsored Programs Equipment Highlights

Master’s Students

Master students should inquire directly with

Doctoral Students

Post-Doctoral Fellows/Visiting Scholars/Visiting Professors

If you are seeking to visit RMU during a sabbatical or as part of an international visits, please contact us, at

SPIN Funding Database

SPIN is an online searchable funding opportunities database available to all RMU faculty, staff, and students. SPIN provides a broad range of funding opportunities from federal, governmental, international, private and corporate funders. Within SPIN, you can perform and save funding searches, as well as create your own weekly or daily email funding alerts. For detailed instructions on obtaining access to SPIN, please click the button below.

Survey Development

The University utilizes Qualtrics for survey development and analysis. Qualtrics is a simple-to-use web-based survey tool to conduct survey research, evaluations, and other data collection activities. With Qualtrics you can build and send surveys and analyze responses. RMU students and faculty can receive their accounts for developing, storing, and evaluating data for their research.

Contact the Office of Research and Sponsored Projects by submitting a ticket (insert this hyperlink:

Presentations & Printing

Presentation Templates

Presentation templates are available for students’s, faculty, and alumni use at professional or scientific meetings. Each template has modifiable headings and content, but provides general guidelines for traditional poster presentations. Presentations related to all research, capstone, or coursework activities completed at RMU should include the RMU logo. Students MUST seek faculty or administrative approval (as appropriate) prior to using a poster template. This will allow the students to both learn from the faculty mentor and display the best quality poster presentation. Additionally, PowerPoint templates are available for general use.

Questions related to original research and presentation should be directed to the appropriate faculty, Graduate Program Director, or Director of Research.

Printing Services

Posters can be printed free of charge for current RMU faculty, staff, and students. Poster files must be in a PowerPoint or pdf file, the sizing is 3 feet by 4 feet, and must utilize the official RMU poster template. Email posters to with your name, department, the size requested, and where you will be presenting. Posters must be emailed to ORSP at least two weeks prior to the date you want to pick them up.

Research Publications

The Office of Research and Sponsored Projects, in collaboration with the Academic Research Committee, hosts an annual Scholarship Symposium. The symposium is an opportunity for university and community members to share current scholarship findings and learn from others within the scope of healthcare practice and education.

Previous Symposium Research