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University Strategic Plan

Advancing Knowledge, Advancing Healthcare
Comprehensive strategic planning in higher education describes the method through which an institution aligns its direction, priorities, and activities with its mission, vision, goals, and values. The systematic process and resulting strategies represent the institution’s response toward environmental circumstances, institutional capacity, and future opportunities. Working towards consistent goals, the collective, disciplined efforts produce fundamental decisions and actions that shape the institution. The process requires ongoing assessment and communication to ensure the effectiveness thereof. RMU’s Comprehensive Strategic Plan and planning processes are approached systematically and include participation across all University constituencies. The University’s Board of Trustees approved the 2019-2023 Comprehensive Strategic Plan in September 2018.

Strategic Plan Goals

Six goals emerged from RMU’s strategic planning process, each of which align with and support the University’s mission. Within each of these goals are initiatives to be addressed during 2019-2023. The measures through which the goals will be achieved are developed within the functional area or department that is responsible for the completion thereof.

Expand Academic Excellence

Advance Institutional Effectiveness

Enhance Technological Sophistication

Cultivate University Recognition & Relationships

Launch Personalized Learning Pathways

Nurture Student Success