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Financial Aid is intended to help with your education-related expenses. It is not intended to meet the total cost of your living expenses but is designed to supplement them.


Most of RMUoHP’s graduate programs are eligible for Federal Direct Student Loans. Eligibility for federally-funded financial aid is established by the US Department of Education.


Alternative student loans are privately funded loans that are NOT part of the federal student loan program. They are offered by credit unions and third-party lending institutions.


RMUoHP offers internal scholarships. We recommend you apply to any for which you are eligible. Our financial aid office is also available to help you search for external scholarships.


We care about our veterans. Our financial aid office can help you understand and connect you with any available resources for veterans.


The Financial Aid Office at RMUoHP strives to provide the highest quality service to graduate and professional students in pursuit of their academic goals. We serve as the primary advocate for students and families, assisting them in securing necessary financial resources. We will utilize our expert knowledge to update our technologies, streamline processes, maintain full compliance with Federal mandates, and effectively manage financial aid resources. We are committed to providing exemplary service to our students, families, the University community, and the community at large. Our philosophy is service.


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Nothing on this website should be construed as authoritative financial advice. Your circumstances are unique, and you may want to consult a financial advisor. The author of this website is not a financial advisor.