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Upcoming Alumni Events

Virtual Events

COVID-19 has impacted many of our planned alumni events. We will be hosting virtual alumni events and look forward to the future when we can meet in person again.

Advocating for Yourself and Your Professional

Wednesday, March 24, 2021 at 6pm MDT

Learn from proven healthcare and education advocate Richard P. Nielsen, RMUoHP Founder and President. Enjoy an evening networking with fellow alumni and faculty! Please RSVP by Friday, March 12th.

Alumni Job Board


Alumni Discounts

Any graduate of RMUoHP who fully completed at least one program consisting of at least 18 credits will be eligible for the 15% tuition reduction when they return for their next post-professional degree or certificate program.

Alumni are eligible for a 15 percent discount on the following post-professional
degree and certificate programs:

Make A Difference

Donate to a Clinic

RMUoHP is partnered with two pro-bono clinics that are located in Provo, Utah. The Community Rehabilitation Center (CRC) provides free physical therapy services via in-person and telehealth appointments. The Center for Communication Disorders (CCD) provides free speech and language services in a safe and inclusive environment. Please visit each site to learn more about the clinics and click the link below if you would like to donate.

Graduate Ambassador

The Graduate Ambassador Program (GAP) is designed to positively affect the prospective student experience, nurture graduate/alumni development, and directly impact our student-centered culture. Our GAP representatives are passionate about Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions, fun, articulate and dedicated to bringing quality students to our university.

Graduate Student Ambassador Selection/Eligibility.

Two methods of selection:

    1. Application: Interested students or alumni can apply for the program.
    2. Recommendation: Students can gain direct acceptance into the program via Graduate Program Director recommendation

Length of Service

  •  3 Semester Terms
  •  Renewal subject to program length, and final evaluation
  • Time commitment is less than three hours per month.


  • Attend an Ambassador Training Orientation
  • Respond to prospective and admitted student inquiries
  •  Attend and represent the program at important events throughout the year including: open houses, information sessions, and online orientations.
  • Participate in email communication that pertains to the graduate program experience.
  • Contributing regularly to the program-specific Facebook fan page.
  • Providing feedback on ways to improve the prospective student experience at Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions.

 Represent the program at Open Houses and possibly participate in conferences.

  • Contributing regularly to social media content
  • Contributing to a blog about your experience at RMUoHP—studies/educational experience, learning environment, work, colleagues


  • Network with other graduate leaders
  • Gain more information about the opportunities that RMUoHP has to offer
  • Share your passion for RMUoHP with prospective students!
  • Share your positive personal experiences and leave an impression on future students.
  • Each ambassador, serving for a full calendar year is gifted a marbled, embossed GAP plaque commemorating their service to the University

If you are interested in learning more about our Graduate Ambassador Program, please contact