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Occupational Therapy Certificates

Explore our certificates for current and future healthcare providers and professionals.

School-Based Practice for Occupational Therapy Certificate

Online | 1 Year | For Occupational Therapists

Advance your practice as a school-based occupational therapist.

Learn the best current evidence for school-based practice. This certificate is designed for OTs who are already in school-based practice or who are looking to transition into school-based practice.

Post-Professional Occupational Therapy Certificates

Online | 1 Year | 3 Certificate Options

Specialize and develop as a working OT.

Specialize in assistive technology, pediatrics, or leadership as an occupational therapist.

Other Programs of Interest

Doctor of Philosophy in Health Sciences

Limited-Residency | 9 Tracks | 4 Years

Earn your terminal research or academic degree for healthcare clinicians.

Our PhD in Health Sciences program enables Occupational Therapists to join other healthcare professionals to expound their knowledge in 1 of 9 health science specialties ranging from Health Promotion & Wellness, Neurologic Rehabilitation to Healthcare Leadership & Administration.

Health Science Certificates

Emergency & Primary Care in Athletic Training Practice Certificate

Get emergency and primary care training as a practicing athletic trainer.

Healthcare Leadership & Administration

Learn skills and behavior strategies to prepare those interested in healthcare leadership.

Healthcare Professions Education

Great resource and option to support continuing faculty training and development.

Health & Wellness Coaching

Prepares you to become a National Board-Certified Health & Wellness Coach.

Human & Sport Performance Certificate

Advance your exercise science knowledge, emphasizing strength and conditioning and sports performance. 

Rehabilitation Science Certificate

Advance your health science knowledge in physical rehabilitation.