Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions graduates

All graduates of Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions are members of the Alumni Association (no fees or annual membership dues). The Alumni Association works to provide resources and opportunities for alumni to reach their professional and personal goals. 


Board Members

If you’re interested in applying to the Board, email Stephanie Bentley, Alumni Relations Manager, at [email protected]

If you’re available to mentor current students, please contact Stephanie Bentley, Alumni Relations Manager, at [email protected]

Graduate Ambassadors are available to answer questions from prospective students. Graduate Ambassador Responsibilities

To become a Graduate Ambassador or learn more, contact Erik Kubina at [email protected]



We’re looking to highlight alumni stories through university news articles and in our RMUpdate magazine. Email Stephanie Bentley, Alumni Relations Manager, at [email protected]

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  • Multiple Sclerosis Telehealth

COVID-19 Silver Lining: Innovative Approaches to Managing Multiple Sclerosis Through Telehealth

As the COVID-19 pandemic global fallout continues, we see destruction of quality of life measures including access to and quality of healthcare, the economy, personal safety, education, social relationships, and governance. There is, however, a silver lining. The pandemic demands that healthcare providers rethink how they deliver care to reduce risk of infection. For physical therapy, digital communication initiatives such as telehealth have gained traction [...]