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Neonatology Fellowship

Complete Your Fellowship in Neonatology.

Physical Therapy Fellowship | Neonatology

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Pediatric Hospital Locations

Program Highlights

Collaborate with Top Children’s Hospitals

We collaborate with Seattle Children’s Hospital and Cincinnati Children’s Hospital to offer our Neonatology Fellowship for pediatric physical therapists. At the hospitals, Neonatal Therapy Team members provide mentorship and learning experiences in neonatal and pediatric intensive care units, neonatal intermediate care units, and pediatric specialty clinics. You’ll complete your clinical phase at one of these two hospitals while concurrently participating in the academic online components of the fellowship.

Develop Expertise in Neonatology

Create Neonatal Physical Therapy advanced practice competency through our Neonatology Fellowship. Become a sub-specialist in evidence-based neonatal physical therapy and collaborative family-centered care.


Work with Renowned Neonatology Physical Therapy Experts

Take advantage of the opportunity to work with and complete specialty clinical education with nationally-regarded neonatology PT experts. Work with the program director, Dr. Jane K. Sweeney, as well as specialists at either Seattle Children’s Hospital or Cincinnati Children’s Hospital.

Complete at Least 1,000 Fellowship Hours

During the fellowship, you will complete at least 1,000 hours in clinical and academic phases. The clinical component includes one-on-one mentorship, clinical lectures, and experience hours in different settings and clinics. Settings include NICU, intermediate care, and PICU; clinics include pediatric specialty and NICU follow-up clinics.

Pediatric Science Academic Courses

Five graduate-level virtual courses
with synchronous webinars:
i. Anatomical Development and Developmental Physiology: Embryo, Fetus, and Neonate
ii. Neonatal Physical Therapy Seminar: Theoretical Frameworks; Neonatal
Examinations, and Neonatal Interventions
iii. Oral-motor and Feeding Impairments in Infants with Medical Fragility
iv. Case Report and Case Series Methodology
v. Neonatology Capstone – Applied Clinical Research

Build your Credibility as a Clinical Scholar, Consultant, or Educator

Completing a fellowship builds your credibility as a sub-specialist in pediatric physical therapy. Our fellowship prepares you with mentored opportunities for building proficiency as a neonatal PT clinician, consultant, clinical educator, and clinical researcher. 

Collaborate with Top Children’s Hospitals


Our fellowship is designed to help you develop expertise in neonatal physical therapy and collaboration skills with parents and the NICU team.

Academic Phase

Within the academic phase, you’ll delve into the following areas of study: high-risk neonate, embryology and fetal development (implications for neonatal care), oral-motor and feeding challenges for infants with medical fragility, case report methodology, and a neonatal case series analysis.

Clinical Phase

During the clinical phase of the fellowship, you will complete at least 1,000 clinical hours in NICU, intermediate care, and PICU settings, as well as in pediatric specialty or NICU follow-up clinics. Learn from clinical lectures, seminars, and grand rounds. Experience one-on-one mentorship from neonatal experts.

Important Dates

Summer 2024



Application Deadline


Extension on Request

Admission Requirements

  • 2 years of experience preferred in pediatric physical therapy with clinical exposure to infants
  • Physical therapy licensure in Ohio or Washington state
  • Evidence of one of the following: 

1) board certification in pediatric physical therapy by the American Board of Physical Therapy Specialties


2) pediatric residency program graduation (accredited by the American Board of Physical Therapy Residency and Fellowship Education) 

  • Liability insurance and health insurance
  • Detailed statement of goals and expectations of the fellowship training and description of future intent to participate in neonatal care
  • References from 3 professionals
  • Completed application
  • Current CV
  • Interview and site visit with the Neonatology Fellowship leadership team


Do I have to be a pediatric physical therapist to be eligible for this fellowship?

Yes, you must be a pediatric physical therapist. This fellowship is designed exclusively for PTs.

Neonatology Fellowship Financial Model

Academic Support

 Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions, College of Rehabilitation Science

  • 50% Tuition Waiver for 7 graduate level credits in 5 pediatric science online courses takenbefore, during, and after the full-time clinical phase at a partnering Pediatric Hospital.
Reduced tuition cost: $479 per credit
  • Academic Stipend: $12000 stipend from the Neonatology Fund, Rocky Mountain University Foundation distributed during the 6.5 month clinical phase to defray living expenses
  • Scholarship (competitive) options: Merit Scholar Award ($500), Top Scholar Award ($2000), Core Values Scholar Award ($1000). Multiple opportunities are available each semester to apply and compete for these three scholar awards.

Per diem Clinical Pay

Cincinnati Children’s Hospital and Medical Center or Seattle Children’s Hospital

  • Per diem pediatric PT work option up to 2 days per week for 30 weeks (6.5 months)
    • $43 / hr (mid-range hourly) x 8 hours = $344
      • $10320 over 30 weeks
  • $43 / hr (mid-range hourly) x 16 hours = $688
    • $20640 over 30 weeks
      • Represents one weekday and one weekend day

Program Accreditation

In 2012, this program was recognized as the first accredited neonatology fellowship in the United States by the American Board of Physical Therapy Residency and Fellowship Education.

Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions Physical Therapy Fellowship in Neonatology received 10 year re-accreditation in 2015.

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Alexandria, VA 22305

NOTE: The Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education (CAPTE) does not accredit neonatology fellowship programs, only entry-level programs.