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Alumni Association

Your RMU Alumni journey begins here.


1800 S. Novell Pl,
Alumni Relations Office
(385) 248-5521


Your relationship with RMU doesn’t end when you graduate.  As an RMU alumni, you are an elite healthcare provider, and part of a growing and impressive group of individuals who go on to make big changes in communities across the world.

Remaining engaged with RMU means staying connected to a wealth of resources, opportunities, and like-minded individuals who share your passion for making a difference in their field. Whether it’s through mentoring current students, participating in alumni events, or contributing to ongoing research, your involvement helps shape the future of RMU.

Stay involved in the RMU community as you love and lift those in need in your profession. Check out all the ways you can engage below!

University Day of Caring

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Mentor a Student

  • RMU Alumni–we need your help! You can play a crucial role in shaping the next generation of healthcare professionals by offering guidance, sharing insights, and offering real-world perspectives. Therefore, you are invited to be an RMU mentor!

  •  Becoming a mentor is easy. Each year, the RMU Alumni Association hosts several
 opportunities for alumni to mentor current students both in person, and online.

  • For local alums, join us for the annual “Nuggets of Knowledge” mentorship lunch to share professional and personal expertise with current RMU students on RMU campus–and enjoy a delicious free lunch with Chick Fil A nuggets!

  • Or hop on zoom for one of our virtual mentorship opportunities, where we divide into breakout groups and you can network with the next generation of graduates.

  • Check out our events calendar to stay posted on upcoming mentoring opportunities.

  • If you have an idea about a mentoring opportunity, send us an email.

Mentor With a Student

Attend an Event

  • The Alumni Association hosts both virtual and in-person alumni events. We also make pit-stops at some of the nation’s largest professional conferences such as AOTA, APTA, and ASHA!

  • Stop by to say hi and expand your network as you reconnect with fellow alumni, faculty, and more.

  • Email us for any questions about events, or an idea for an event near you!

A University Event

Service Opportunities

  • RMU holds a strong commitment to community service and helping those in need. We invite those who are local to RMU campuses to join us for campus-wide service projects such as RMU Day of Caring and the RMU Health Fair

  • RMU Day of Caring:
    Bring yourself, your family, or your colleagues to join us for RMU’s annual Day of Caring! We partner with local communities to perform service for an individual or organization in need. Please refer to the events calendar for an update on dates and event details.

  • RMU Health Fair:
    Each year, RMU partners with United Way of Utah County and the South Franklin Community Center in Provo to host a health fair for underserved and uninsured individuals and families in Utah County. In 2023, over 150 people, including many children, received healthcare assessments, testing, and information.
    We invite you and your colleagues to contribute to this great work and bring healthcare to local communities in need!

  • For any questions about service opportunities, or an idea for a service project near you, please send us an email.

  • See the events calendar for more information on the dates of this year’s 
service opportunities.

University Health Fair

Rocky Mountain Referral

  • Do you know someone who would be a good fit for one of our programs? Join our referral campaign, “Spread the Word” and help us expand the RMU community.

  • Referring someone to RMU is easy. Refer someone and enter the individual’s name and why they would be a good fit for RMU.

  • In return, all alumni will be shipped a special gift on behalf of RMU.

  • If the student is accepted and enrolled at RMU, they will receive a $500 tuition discount on their first semester.

University Referral Program

Alumni Awards

  • RMU recognizes two alumni each year for Alumni Awards. Our two award opportunities are for 1) Outstanding Alumni Award, and 2) Early Career Alumni Award.

  • Read more about award criteria and nominate yourself or someone you know!

Alumni Awards