How the DNP opened unexpected doors for alumnus Henry Moscicki

by | Oct 13, 2021 | Blog

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On the first day in the Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) program at Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions (RMUoHP), Henry Moscicki, DNP, EBP-C, FNP-C, was told the DNP would “open doors that [he] would never anticipate being opened.” Moscicki didn’t know at the time how true that statement would be for him. 

Moscicki had been contemplating obtaining his DNP for a few years before he attended RMUoHP. “I remember I had attended the AANP Annual Conference and saw the RMUoHP display in the exhibit hall. I stopped by and inquired about the program,” said Moscicki. “The director of the DNP program was a colleague of mine. I had told her I was thinking about the DNP and she said to consider RMUoHP.” While Moscicki considered other universities, the program at RMUoHP seemed to be built just for him.

Following graduation, Moscicki noticed that people were curious about his new degree, which brought him more opportunities. “I found myself educating many about the DNP and my new role. Eventually, as doors opened, I was asked to be an adjunct professor of nursing.” Moscicki never saw himself as an assistant professor of nursing but he loves it. From there, Moscicki was asked to apply for a faculty position at St. John Fisher College and was made the Medical Director at the Adult Home where he still is today. 

In addition to gaining his DNP degree, becoming a Medical Director has been an important accomplishment for Moscicki, one that has brought with it a positive impact on his professional career and has validated his educational achievement. Moscicki also achieved EBP-C (evidence-based practice) status through the Ohio State University last year. “Certification in evidence-based practice is a distinction that I value highly and signifies my expertise in EBP” said Moscicki.

Although Moscicki has a successful career on his own, he makes it a priority to stay connected with the community. He is the president of the local Sigma Thea Tau chapter, Delta Sigma, as well as president of the NPA Region II organization. Moscicki also serves on the RMUoHP Alumni Association Board and chairs its engagement committee. “When you graduate from RMUoHP, it is not the end but a continuation of your profession at the highest level. You become a permanent member of the RMUoHP family.”

For those interested in continuing their education, Moscicki says, “I would tell anyone who is considering the DNP to look at RMUoHP–the facilities, faculty, and staff are the best in the business. So, before you commit to any school, look at RMUoHP, you’ll be glad you did.”