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D. Brent Israelsen


Board of Trustees

Board Member

Mr. Brent Israelsen is an experienced attorney and businessman with deep roots in the practice of law, business, innovation, technology, education, and the Internet. He is well known for his leadership in transforming the practice of law to embrace the realities of technology innovation and has championed the use of technology and law to enable individuals, entities, and ecosystems to participate in the global economy.

While practicing law, Mr. Israelsen led innovation projects that introduced technology efficiencies into many areas of law practice and he was a frequent speaker at legal conferences and events advocating the use of technology to improve efficiencies in the practice of law and to better serve clients. He introduced technologies to support work product retrieval, litigation support, and expert systems in major law firms and government agencies. He successfully used those technologies to provide efficient legal services to clients and to transform how clients received legal services.

As a businessman, Mr. Israelsen led innovation projects that introduced digital signatures into the real estate and mortgage markets, completing the world’s first electronic mortgage transaction in June 2000. Previously, he led a project that resulted in the first electronic filing of a criminal complaint using digital signatures and an XML document. He also founded and led innovative companies to implement digital signatures into the insurance, education, healthcare, and legal markets. He has been a strong proponent of implementing protected information sharing technologies and in using both proprietary and open source technologies to deliver services into the Digital Ecosystem. Mr. Israelsen holds 4 patents.

Mr. Israelsen practiced law in Washington, DC, for 13 years with positions in the Federal Government, the US Courts, and the private law firm of Morgan, Lewis & Bockius. For 3 years, he operated out of Cambridge, Massachusetts, where he was President of Jurisoft, a division of Lexis-Nexis and later out of Bedford, New Hampshire, where he was a technology consultant to law firms and businesses. For the past 20 years, he has operated from Utah where he has founded and operated multiple innovative technology companies, practiced law, and provided business and technology consulting services to multiple industries.

Mr. Israelsen is an experienced serial entrepreneur focused on building innovative companies that integrate technology, business processes, and law and policy to address difficult problems and provide transformative solutions to multiple markets. Mr. Israelsen has been a leader in the application of digital and electronic signatures to business processes to bring increased efficiency and enforceability to a variety of industries such as the real estate, mortgage, insurance, public safety, education, healthcare, and financial services industries while preserving security and privacy in the electronic world of the Internet.

Building on this unique experience, Mr. Israelsen has focused on solving the problems of funding and supporting innovation. Mr. Israelsen was President of the Utah Chapter of Maverick Angels. Later, as co-founder of GEDIH, Inc., Mr. Israelsen, works directly with innovative companies to prepare and help them raise money on a global basis from different sources to match their strategic goals and objectives. Mr. Israelsen also works with investors of different capacities and interests on a global basis to fund innovation.