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Tom Cappaert


Vice Provost

Dr. Thomas Cappaert holds a Bachelor of Science in Sports Medicine/Athletic Training from the University of Charleston. He earned a Master of Science in Exercise Physiology/Cardiac Rehabilitation from Marshal University and a Doctor of Philosophy, with an emphasis in Clinical Exercise Physiology, from the University of Toledo.

Dr. Cappaert previously practiced clinically in outpatient physical therapy and cardiac rehabilitation settings. He attained tenure and full professor rank during a ten-year stint at Central Michigan University and served as a Visiting Professor at Indiana University-Indianapolis. Dr. Cappaert began teaching as an adjunct faculty member at RMU in 2009 and began a full-time position in 2012.

Dr. Cappaert has received the Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions’ Hartgraves Excellence in Teaching Award twice and the RMU Presidential Award.

Dr. Cappaert authored over 50 articles, book chapters, home study programs, and grants. He has taken the platform for over 60 national and regional presentations and workshops. Dr. Cappaert serves on the editorial board for the Athletic Training Education Journal and is a manuscript reviewer for ten different scientific journals. His research interests include various topics in health professions education, physical rehabilitation, and thermoregulatory physiology.

During his tenure at Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions, Dr. Cappaert has taught Biostatistics in the Ph.D. in Health Sciences program, administered the Ph.D. dissertation process, and served various roles in the Office of Research. He served as the Ph.D. in Health Sciences Program director from 2019-2022. He has served in various service positions for the University, including chairing the Academic Research Committee, the Committee for Rank and Promotion, a member of the Faculty Development committee and the Teaching Effectiveness Committee. He is proud to have served on over 75 dissertation committees and helped mentor the next generation of researchers and educators.

Dr. Cappaert enjoys cooking, rowing, and traveling. He is an off-campus employee and resides in Carmel, Indiana.