RMU Announces Reorganization of Colleges

by | Apr 12, 2023 | News

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A hallmark of Rocky Mountain University (RMU) for the past 25 years has been providing enhanced academic programs and services for our talented students. To further this enhancement, RMU is adjusting the structure of its academic colleges and programs to create better efficiencies, keep costs as low as possible for students, and align resources.

RMU’s current five college structure will move to a three college structure consisting of the following:

  • College of Health Sciences
  • College of Rehabilitation Sciences
  • College of Optometry

“These realignments of resources will provide better internal efficiencies, greater accountability, enhanced services, and overall cost savings,” said RMU President and CEO, Cameron Martin, PhD. “We have full confidence in our academic programs and leadership teams as we advance the quality, delivery, and efficacy of healthcare education.”

Programs by College

College of Health Sciences

  • Counseling
  • DMSc
  • MPAS
  • MSHS
  • Nursing
  • PhD
  • Certificates
  • RMU PEAKS Continuing Education

College of Rehabilitation Sciences

  • Anatomy 
  • MS MedSLP
  • DPT
  • OTD, MOT, pOTD
  • SLPD
  • tDPT
  • Neonatal Fellowship

College of Optometry

  • OD