Foundation "Honor the Veterans" Scholarship

Apply for the Honor the Veterans Scholarship
In honor of Veterans Day 2021, the Foundation of RMUOHP is offering the “Honor the Veterans” Scholarship.

The Foundation Veterans scholarship was developed for the students/veterans of Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions to help further their careers in healthcare. We are proud to associate with Veterans and for an opportunity to honor them for serving our country and our communities.

A $1000 scholarship will be awarded to students who write the most compelling essays as determined by the scholarship committee.

Eligibility Requirements

  • The applicant must be Active-duty or a veteran that has served active duty in the Armed Forces (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and the Coast Guard).
  • The applicant must provide a valid copy of their DD 214 with their application.
  • Be enrolled on a full-time basis in a graduate program of study at Rocky Mount University of health professions.
  • Have applied for & accepted all federal, state & institutional need-based grants & all available military educational benefits.

Application process

Please include the following items in your submission:

  • A one-page autobiographical essay – Please describe your military career and how it has influenced you. Please also elaborate on your education and career goals, and personal background.
  • A valid copy of your DD214

Application period:
November 1ST-15th
March 1ST -15th
July 1ST -15th

Scholarship award recipients will be announced within sixty days of the close of the application period.

If you are a Financial Aid recipient, receiving any scholarship will affect your Cost of Attendance (COA), and it is your responsibility to notify the Financial Aid Office if you are selected for an award. Should you be awarded a scholarship from any source (internal or external), take time to send the institution a “Thank You” letter.

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