RMUoHP Top Scholar Scholarship

Apply for the RMUoHP Top Scholar Scholarship
Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions has a $2,000 scholarship available to offer students who excel with their status as a student.
Who can apply for a Top Scholar Scholarship through Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions?

Presidential scholarships are available only to students who have been nominated by a faculty member of the student’s program and have attended at least one semester at RMU.

How can I apply for a Top Scholar scholarship?
Scholarship applications are available online and can be accessed by clicking here or the apply button above. You will need to download and print the application. As part of the application, you need to also submit a letter of nomination from a faculty member of your program. Once your application is complete and your letter is attached, you can submit the documents online via the web application, in person at the Financial Aid Office, or via email Leslie.Garcia@rm.edu

Are there admission or grade requirements for Presidential scholarships?
Students must be admitted to RMUoHP and registered for a full-time class schedule in order to apply (including online or Independent Study courses). Those who are selected for a scholarship will be required to maintain satisfactory academic progress toward graduation.

What is the application deadline for Presidential scholarships?
There will be three periods of time throughout the year that this scholarship will be accepted. Applications will be accepted on November, March, and July 1st of each year. The deadlines for each of these application periods will be the 15th of the months stated on the schedule.

How will I know if I was selected for a Presidential scholarship?
Scholarship awardees will be notified within 60 days of the receipt of their completed application.

If I have previously received a Presidential scholarship, will I automatically receive one next year or do I need to reapply? Applications must be applied for every year. If you are interested in receiving another scholarship, you need to submit a new application. Scholarships are not automatically renewed.

If you are a Financial Aid recipient, receiving any scholarship will affect your Cost of Attendance (COA), and it is your responsibility to notify the Financial Aid Office if you are selected for an award. Should you be awarded a scholarship from any source (internal or external), take time to send the institution a “Thank You” letter.

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