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The Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions brand is more than a logo or tagline; it is a representation of who we are-past, present, future-and it impacts how others view us. It is the promise we make to those who look to us for innovation and excellence in higher education. It is vital that we unite to deliver, strengthen, and communicate this promise to the public.

As members of this University, we are all charged with the task of shaping our brand. A strong brand produces pride in the loyalty to the institution and is vital for recruiting, retention, community involvement, and donor relations. It is important that we work together to clearly articulate and represent the image of this outstanding University.

Please carefully review the style guide guidelines and become familiar with the use of logos, colors, and typography. Consider how you might apply its principles, and refer back to it when using the RMU name. Please contact the RMU Institutional Marketing and Communication department for approval and answers to any questions you may have.

Branding Toolkit