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Complaint Policy

Student Complaint Procedures

Any person can bring a complaint or grievance to the attention of the university. Complaints and grievances will be managed as described below.

Student Complaints are typically resolved following policies and procedures described in the university or departmental handbooks and in related policies. Specifically, information regarding the following policies is available in the University Handbook: Grade Mediation and Academic Appeals process; Violations of Academic Integrity and Code of Conduct; Guidelines for Addressing Allegations of Academic Dishonesty, Guidelines for Complaints of a Non-Academic Nature; and Non-Academic Dismissal.

A student who wishes to file a complaint outside of the processes listed above should submit their complaint in writing, along with any relevant documentation, to the Registrar’s Office at

All current university and departmental handbooks can be found here.

Equity Resolution Process is outlined in the Nondiscrimination, Nonharassment, Conduct, and Equity Resolution Process Handbook (ERP Handbook). This process manages issues related to discrimination and harassment on the basis of: race or color; ethnicity and national origin, including ancestry; citizenship status; personal appearance; religion, faith, or creed, including no religion; political affiliation; economic status including bankruptcy or bad debt disability, whether physical or mental; age; marital status; sexual orientation; gender or gender expression, or gender identity; sex; pregnancy; veteran or military status; predisposing genetic characteristic; domestic violence victim status; or any other protected category under applicable local, state, or federal law.

Additional information regarding Institutional Equity policies and processes can be found here.

Complaints Outside of Due Process

If the complaint has not been resolved through the RMU processes outlined above, student may file a complaint with the following entities:

  • NC-SARA (see State Authorization)
    Students who have complaints related to distance education should first file a complaint with the institution. If RMU has not resolved the issue, the student may file a complaint with the Utah System of Higher Education (USHE) here. USHE will only consider complaints previously filed with the institution, and they may refer complaints to an agency in another state.
  • Complaints related to a specific program that are not satisfactorily managed by the process(es) above that are specifically regarding the Program Director or that address areas associated with academics not specific to an academic program, should be submitted to the Provost at the address below:
    Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions
    122 East 1700 South, Bldg. 3C, Provo, UT 84606
  • Comments related directly to the performance of the Provost should be addressed to:
    Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions
    122 East 1700 South, Bldg. 3C, Provo, UT 84606
  • Comments that are not satisfactorily addressed by the Office of the President that are related to Regional Accreditation should be made in writing, with an original signature, and addressed to the Provost as documented above, or to:
    Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities
    8060 165th Ave NW, Ste. 100, Richmond, WA 98052
  • Comments related to program accreditation that are not satisfactorily addressed by the Office of the President, or by the Provost, should be addressed to the applicable accrediting body below:


    Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education
    655 K Street, NW, Suite 750, Washington, DC 20001
    Phone: (202) 877-6791

    Physical Therapy (entry-level):

    Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education
    American Physical Therapy Association
    1111 North Fairfax Street, Alexandria, VA 22314
    Phone: (703) 706-3245

    Physician Assistant:

    The Accreditation Review Commission in Education for the Physician Assistant
    12000 Findley Road, Ste. 275, Johns Creek, GA 30097
    Phone: (770) 476-1224

    Speech-Language Pathology (entry-level):

    The Council on Academic Accreditation in Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology
    2200 Research Boulevard, #310, Rockville, MD 20850
    Phone: (800) 498-2071

Information on Registering a Complaint with a State

RMU makes every effort to assist students in meeting their educational goals. We offer internal dispute resolution options by thoroughly investigating the facts relating to a student concern or grievance. Additional resources are available at the following state agencies: