Vaccination Statement

Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions (RMUoHP) has an obligation to serve the public and promote the health and safety of the communities it serves. Our programs accomplish this in part by requiring vaccinations recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for Healthcare Workers (refer to the CDC website) as well as additional vaccinations specific to each program. The University requires vaccinations for students who will appear on campus or work with patients associated with required clinical coursework. The University acknowledges medical contraindications as well as religious exemptions to waive the vaccination requirement.

In addition to the guidelines above, all those who will be present on campus for any reason are required to have received the following Vaccinations:

  • COVID-19

Information about how to submit proof of vaccinations and the process to request an exemption will be provided to admitted students from their respective programs. In situations where a student has an exemption, the unvaccinated status may cause significant barriers during the clinical aspect of training, barriers that are outside of RMU’s control. Many hospitals and other healthcare institutions have notified RMU programs that they will only take students who can provide proof of vaccinations. If a student is not vaccinated, arranging all required clinical placements may be extremely challenging or impossible, and this could result in delayed completion of required training, delay of graduation, or the inability to graduate. Students declining vaccination cannot be guaranteed clinical placements or patient experiences, and RMU is not required to find clinical sites that do not require vaccinations. Any additional tuition, fees, and living expenses incurred because of this situation will be the responsibility of the student without University assistance.