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Registration occurs at

All RMU post-professional degree program course and qualifying exams are taken electronically via the learning management system (LMS), Canvas. Exams may or may not be proctored in any given course, at the discretion of faculty, and students may or may not have a proctored exam in any given semester. For all proctored exams, the online proctoring service, ProctorU, is utilized. Registration occurs at

A video on ProctorU is available at As exams become available, students log on to ProctorU and click Schedule an Exam. ProctorU allows students to take an exam on demand or by appointment. All appointments should be made at least three days in advance. To make an appointment, students log in, click on the “new exam” link and select the exam, date, and time desired. The pricing is as follows:

30 minutes or less $8.75
31 – 60 minutes $17.50
61 – 120 minutes $25.00
121 – 180 minutes $33.75
181 minutes or more $42.50

If you have any questions or would like additional information, please email