Transfer Credit Evaluation

  • Transfer credit will be awarded consistent with University guidelines for a course equivalent to a University course. Transfer credit analysis is preferred at acceptance to a program. With extenuating circumstances, students may transfer applicable credits within eight weeks prior to the semester start. Total credits are limited to no more than 35% of the required credits for completion of a specific degree program. Only credit units are transferred. Grades do not transfer and RMUoHP does not use grade points earned at other institutions for purposes of computing cumulative University grade point averages.

    The University will evaluate and award credit for all successfully completed course work at post‐secondary institutions holding accreditation from any one of the regional accrediting associations and nationally accredited institutions. Institutions that have been granted official candidacy status by a regional or national accrediting association will be afforded the same consideration as those that are accredited.

    An initial evaluation will be completed by the Registrar and further assessment and a credit determination will be recommended by the Program Director (PD). Final approval is made by the College Dean.

    For credit units to be considered eligible for transfer, students must satisfy the following:

    1. The credit is from a course taken at or reviewed by an institution accredited by either a national or regional accrediting associations, American Council on Education’s College Credit guide.
    2. Equivalent course based on the nature, level, credits, content and comparability of the course to University offerings by comparing course syllabus and catalog descriptions.
    3. The student submits, for evaluation, course descriptions, syllabi, and textbooks or materials used in the course being evaluated for transfer credit.
    4. An equivalent grade of “B‐” or higher was earned.
    5. Courses are preferred to have been completed within five years of acceptance into the program for which the hours are requested for transfer. However, the PD in conjunction with the Provost on occasion may accept credits older than five years in the course deliverables reflect current course outcomes.
    6. Previous course work will be evaluated by the PD of the program and select faculty: for PhD and DSc core courses, evaluation by the Director of Post‐professional Research is also required.
  • Please fill out and submit the form below in order to request transfer credits at RMUoHP.

  • Course NumberCourse TitleInstitutionGradeTerm/YearCreditsRMUoHP Course(s) to Replace 
  • (i.e. course syllabi for the classes you want to be evaluated)
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    • In addition to this form, I understand that I need to submit course descriptions, syllabi, and textbooks or materials used in the course(s) being evaluated for transfer credit.

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